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1960 census published volume - is there any documentation for state economic area codes?

Hello, I understand that the SEA codes used in 1960 are revised from 1950 and 1940. I can find the SEA - county components from the published volumes, but I noticed that the actual SEA codes assigned do not necessarily correspond to the SEA names. For example, in Kentucky, SEA area 3 is partly SEA code 152 and partly SEA code 153. I am trying to make a crosswalk between 1950 and 1960 SEAs, but this will be a problem for me in the following case: I have population of 1960 Kentucky area 3. I do not know which SEA code I should assign it to.

Are there any documentation on how the SEA codes were assigned in 1960 census? I am looking for something similar to appendix A4 (p.181) in Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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You can find a list of 1960 counties by SEA here (see Chapter 11 - Appendix B). For many states, there do not appear to be any changes from the 1940/1950 SEA code assignment; however, other states (e.g. Massachusetts and Pennsylvania) do have noticeable differences.

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