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ACS, 2010, 2015 5-year, FTOTINC variable, missing data

I'm using ACS 2010 and 2015 5-years combined. Frequencies of FTOTINC shows a small number of cases coded -999,999 (1250, unweighted). 9,999,999 is the documented code for missing data, and there are many more of those (1.2 million). I am guessing the -999999 is also missing data. I see no mention of bottom coding for this variable in ACS and it does not look like this is a bottom code because the next closest response is -43,261.

I did not interntionally do anything to FTOTINC. I tried closing and restarting SPSS and got the same results. Any idea what is causing the -999,999?

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Jeff Bloem


Yes, the code==-999,999 also indicates missing or N/A for the FTOTINC variable. This should be documented better.


Aug 08, 2017 - 04:06 PM

Report it


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