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ACS OCC code parentheses

Does a code in parenthesis in the ACS OCC codes table indicate that the occupation was included in the broader category in previous year surveys, but moved to a new category with updates to the classification system? Is there some documentation that defines the meaning of the parentheses in this table?

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The parentheses are meant to signal that the code is also represented somewhere else in that column of the table, for when codes were split or combined in such a way that they had to be separated on the table. This is referenced in the table description here: "This tables notes changes in the coding scheme over time by referencing which new categories are included in the prior code" but I agree that we should be more clear about the meaning of the parentheses. I will pass along this message to the IPUMS-USA team and we will add more descriptive text to the table in the near future.

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Aug 26, 2016 - 10:46 AM

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