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Meaning of "N/A or no schooling" in the variable EDUC (IPUMS USA)

What does the detailed code 000 "NA or no schooling" mean? We already have 001 for "NA" and 002 for "No schooling completed". I checked my sample and found the number of observations with Educd=000 is 0 while the numbers with eudcd=001 and educd=002 are large but not equal numbers.

Besides, does the combination of educd=000, educd=001, and educd=002 (detailed codes) equal to educ=00 (general code)?

If I want to drop out all the observations that do not have a valid schooling years/ have no schooling completed, which criterion(criteria) should I use?

Here is link for the table where it occurs.
Thank you very much!

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