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In the variable description for PEDADTYP (and PEMOMTYP), there is the below paragraph.

Is this still the case, even now after the IPUMS restructuring where you linked kids to the cohabiting spouses of their parents?

Or is it now the case that users should be able to use PEMOMTYP/PEDADTYP as-is?

"These variables are reported as is and may need additional cleaning by researchers. IPUMS-CPS plans to test these variables in the future and will revise them if necessary. In particular, when a child resides with one biological parent and that parent's cohabiting partner, the child is usually reported to live with only one parent. Researchers can use the information on the mother's cohabiting partner (PECOHAB) to identify those cohabiting stepfathers who are not included in PELNDAD and PEDADTYP. Married stepfathers are always identified by PELNDAD and PEDADTYP."

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