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Are MOMLOC2 and POPLOC2 coded for unmarried partners as well as married couples?

My understanding is that if there are 2 married women and they have kids, MOMLOC and MOMLOC2 identify both of the woman as the mothers of the children. However, what about a same-sex couple that is not married? If there is a parent (of either sex), child, and the parent’s same-sex cohabiting partner, is it ever true that both the parent and the partner are identified as parents?

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Jeff Bloem


Yes, MOMLOC2 and POPLOC2 are two new variables that are part of a recent effort to include same-sex couples and cohabiting couples as part of family interrelationship analysis. More specific information on these new variables can be found here.


Aug 11, 2017 - 10:45 AM

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