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Before the last change people born in Mexico in 2014 were 11,458,133 and 23,126,090 are currently

Birthplace | 2012 2013 2014 2015 | Total

Mexico |11,877,703 11,778,922 23,126,090 12,211,129 | 58,993,843

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For the 2014 ASEC sample, the Census Bureau divided the sample randomly into a 3/8 group and a 5/8 group. The smaller portion of the sample was given redesigned income questions. We have assigned WTSUPP to records so that both the 3/8ths file and the 5/8ths file independently sum to be representative of the entire US population. If both parts of the file are analyzed together and weighted using WTSUPP, the resulting estimates will be twice the US population. You can use the flag variable HFLAG to differentiate the respondent records. Please also see our User Note on the 3/8 file redesign.

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