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Can it be determined if the HEADSTARNOW variable links to the sample child?

It appears that HEADSTARNOW question of if anyone in the household is currently participating in Head Start is asked on the person level, not on the child level. I am wondering if there is a way to determine if the sample child is a participant of the Head Start program?

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The variable HEADSTARNOW is a person level variable that is asked of all persons age 6 and younger. If you take a look at the survey form, you will see that each eligible person in a household (i.e. children 6 and younger) are asked this question. Therefore, if you are to add this variable to your extract, you can use the codes to help you determine who is/is not in the program. The variable for identifying the sample child, CSTATFLG, indicates whether or not the child was the randomly selected person under age 18 in the family for additional health-related questions.


Oct 02, 2017 - 08:45 AM

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