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Dear IPUMS staff,

Can I ask why some households not from group quarter also have N/A for MOVEDIN?

I'm comparing MOVEDIN and MIGRATE1. I find there are many cases that a respondent reported live at the same house 1 year ago (MIGRATE1 = 1), and also reported move in to the current house 12 months or less or NA (MOVEDIN == 1 or 0).


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Jeff Bloem


I am able to replicate this observation. The cases with MIGRATE1==1 and MOVEDIN==0 can be explained by the fact that MOVEDIN is only asked of householders (RELATE==1). All other individuals within the household are given a MOVEDIN value of 0, regardless of their value recorded in MIGRATE1. The remaining cases with MIGRATE==1 and MOVEDIN==1 represent less than 1% of the samples. Therefore, it seems likely these observations are driven by respondent error or due to question ambiguity.

Note that the question for MIGRATE1 asks respondents: "Did this person live in this house or apartment 1 year ago?" The question for MOVEDIN asks respondents: When did PERSON 1 (listed on page 2) move into this house, apartment, or mobile home?" Therefore, it is seemingly possible for someone to have moved into their house 1 year ago, and answer that they lived in the same house 1 year ago (via MIGRATE1) and that they moved 12 months ago or less (via MOVEDIN).

Finally, note the data quality flags for MOVEDIN, QMOVEDIN, which may further clarify these cases.


Oct 15, 2018 - 11:52 AM

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