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County-level Foreign-born Latino population in 1990 and 2000

I’m trying to locate the following:

1. 1990 County-level counts of Latinos who are foreign-born. (I can find comparable data for 2000 via NHGIS, AFF, and Dataferret but not for 1990.)

2. 2000 County-level counts for year of entry of foreign-born Latinos, disaggregated for the years 1990-2000, 1985-89, and pre-1985. (I can find data for the total FB disaggregated by these year groups, but not for the Latino FB specifically).

Folks at the Census suggested IPUMS may have these data but in looking through the forum, it seems county-level data may not be available. Any insight would be much appreciated.

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Jeff Bloem


It does seem like there are many more tables available for the 2000 census compared to the 1990 census. After searching myself, I was also unable to locate county-level counts of Latinos who are foreign-born in 1990. In regards to finding data on year of entry of foreign-born Latinos, disaggregated for the years 1990-2000, 1985-89, and pre-1985 your best bet is IPUMS USA. This project provides micro-data and so affords much more flexibility with data analysis. One limitation with public use micro-data is confidentiality restrictions. One implication of these restrictions is not all counties are identifiable in all samples in recent years. Indeed many counties are identifiable, but you won't have full coverage. The lowest geographic level that is identifiable in public use data is the PUMA (public use microdata area). IPUMS USA also has a number of other geographic identifying variables such as STATEFIP and METAREA.


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