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Does IHIS or IDHS contain any information on the use of Assisted Reproductive Treatments?

I'm looking for data on the use of Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART) for infertility by state and year. I'm asking whether IHIS or IDHS contain any information on the use of ART that I can use.

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Unfortunately, neither IHIS nor IDHS contain variables related to Assisted Reproductive Treatments. IDHS integrates data from the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS), which gathers health and population data for developing countries. If you are interested in data only for the United States, IDHS will not be a helpful resource for you.

Additionally, the public-use IHIS data can only be viewed as low as the Census region-level. If you do find that you would like to use IHIS data but need more detailed geographic identifiers, you can apply for access to the restricted data at the NCHS Research Data Center (RDC).

I recommend checking on the CDC data resourcesrelated to ART, as they have aggregated data about about fertility clinics which you may find helpful.


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