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Does the label"Different major administrative unit" under the MGRATE1 variable give in or out migrant frequencies?

I am trying to calculate in and out migration rates from the 2009 Kenyan Census for fitting into a model migration schedule. I managed to run frequencies under the label "Different major administrative unit" but I am uncertain on whether to apply them in calculating in or out migration rates.

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For Kenya, a move to a "different major administrative unit" is a move between provinces within Kenya. A move to a "different minor administrative unit" is a move between districts within a province. Therefore, a respondent who has a migration status of "different major administrative unit" is living in both a different province and a different district than the ones in which the respondent lived one year ago.

How you define this value in your model migration schedule depends on your model, in terms of the migration direction of focus and the geography of focus. If you are concerned with in-migration to the respondent's current province (GEOLEV1, GEO1A_KE, or GEO1B_KE) or district (GEO2B_KE), then "different major administrative unit" should count as in-migration. If you are concerned with out-migration from the respondent's previous province or district (MIGKE), then "different major administrative unit" should count as out-migration.

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Oct 23, 2014 - 11:59 AM

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