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"Earnweek" Variable in ATUS

The "Codes" and "Description" tabs of your online documentation for the "earnweek" variable in the ATUS seems to indicate that this variable captures all usual weekly earnings, but the "Questionairre Text" tab seems to indicate that this variable only captures usual weekly earnings from one's main job. Does the "earnweek" variable in the ATUS measure all usual weekly earnings or just usual weekly earnings from one's main job? If the latter, was information on all usual weekly earnings collected either during the ATUS or the final round of the CPS? Thank you very much.

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Jeff Bloem


The EARNWEEK variable reports usual weekly earnings information for the individual's current (or main) job. This is the same methodology that is used during the last CPS basic monthly interview via the "Earner Study" questions. There is not a variable that cleanly reports the "all usual weekly earnings". The variable FAMINCOME is one potential - albeit imperfect - alternative, but this (a) bundles all income within each household together and (b) includes "unearned" sources of income such as income from businesses, farming, or rent; pensions; dividends; interest; social security payments; etc.


Nov 01, 2017 - 04:30 PM

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