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FTOTINC is a sample-line variable in 1950. Sometimes FTOTINC is reported, and SLWT is 0. What does SLWT = 0 imply?

I'm hoping to get summary details for Family Income in 1950 and hope to weight appropriately. It seems weird that someone who reports income can be weighted as 0. Representing nobody in the population seems unusual.

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In the 1950 sample, only a select number of respondents were asked certain additional questions. These respondents were chosen if they fell on a designated "sample line" of the Census enumeration form. Each household had one sample-line individual. FTOTINC was reported only for those households where the head of the household was this designated sample-line individual. Since the head of the household was the sample-line respondent (SLWT=330), all other members of the household must have an SLWT value of zero. This ensures that the family income for a household is not counted more than once in the population estimate of FTOTINC.

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