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Fail to download data

I downloaded extracted data set by right-clicking and clicking save as into my mac.

When I downloaded it, it's size is roughly 100KB even though the file size should be over 500MB.
Anyway I tried to decompress the file, but it's failed to do. Probably the file isn't downloaded wholely.

Except this data-set, the others can be downloaded and these work fine

Is there another method to download file?
I tried to by safari, chrome, and firefox.

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Staff Answer

I think the problem may be on your end. I download your extract #00003, decompressed it, and loaded it into Stata. The file appears complete, with no issues.

. tab year [fweight=perwt]

Census year | Freq. Percent Cum.
2011 |309,231,245 100.00 100.00
Total |309,231,245 100.00

I would suggest trying to re-download the file, or perhaps try using a different browser.


Oct 07, 2013 - 08:31 AM

Report it


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