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How should I use PERWT to estimate populations by districts in kenya for the years '89 '99' 09'?

I'm using Stata and would like to estimate populations by district in the years '89, '99, and '09. I think I have to use the PERWT variable but am unsure about how to use it correctly.

I then am interested in using FUELCOOK data to compare fuelusage across time by district.

Thank you!

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The weight variable projects the sample to a geographically-representative population. You can find training materials here to assist with using IPUMS data in STATA. To estimate population by year and district, the code would look like this:
tab geo2_kex year [weight=perwt]

To estimate the number of people using each type of cooking fuel by year and district, the code would look like this:
bysort geo2_kex: tab year fuelcook [weight=perwt]

Hope this helps.


Oct 07, 2015 - 10:17 AM

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