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How can I access data of age at deaths for a child using 2012 Tanzania Census dataset

i want to analyse the effect of mothers education on child mortality using the 2012 Tanzania census data. That information is missing from the data that is published. i have have been searching without success. Am a graduate at university of Tsukuba

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In IPUMS this variable is available as a source variable. Not all variables can be harmonized. In such cases the variable is made available in "unharmonized" form, as a source variable.

To select source variables, from the "Select Data" screen, click "source variables". Read through the list until the desired variable is found:

TZ2012A_DTHAGEAge at deathHTanzania 2012
TZ2012A_DTHCAUSECause of deathHTanzania 2012

To see all variables as a single list, from the "Select Data" screen, click "options", "see all groups together" and "submit selections"



Sep 27, 2017 - 09:45 PM

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