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How can I extract data for Vietnamese population in the US in 1995?

I'm new to ipums and looking for help on which variables to choose so that I can extract data for Vietnamese population in 1995 in the U.S and their locations (prefer states and cities). Any help is appreciated.

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Jeff Bloem


First, you'll need to select a sample year. The year 1995 did not include a census, so you'll have to use either the 1990 or 2000 samples. Second, you can select variables. Go to Person > Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality. A couple options are the detailed codes for the RACE variable, the detailed codes for the BPL variable, or the ANCESTR1 or ANCESTR2 variables. Third, you can select states by using STATEFIP and cities by using CITY. Although you should note that not all cities are identifiable in public use data because cities are not directly identified via the census data.


Apr 24, 2017 - 08:31 AM

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