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How is VALUEH obtained?

I have extracted a sample and I want to do a regression on house values in california. I have discovered that quite a few of the observations have a small value of VALUEH. For an example: I have got a house value of 1100 contemporary dollars for a unit in the county of Orange with 4 rooms and an annual property tax of 6000$-7000$. Can this be correct?

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Jeff Bloem


It is likely that this is "correct" in the sense that this is what the respondent reported. However, it could be that the respondent misunderstood the question or in some way misreported the value of their house. The source variables for the VALUEH variable are available here, which report exactly what is provided by the U.S. Census. Additionally, for some situations, values for VALUEH were allocated based on the editing procedure recorded here. This is pertinent largely for post-2008 samples. So, depending on what sample you are looking at, these links should be helpful to you. If, after looking these details over, you continue to think this is an error, please let us know so that we can address it.


Dec 18, 2017 - 08:42 AM

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