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How to aggregate IPUMS USA microfata to PUMA

I downloaded a IPUMS ACS microdata extract (2006-2015) and generated a number of binary variables from the data. I want to generate counts of these binary variables by year and PUMA (e.x. how many males? how many veterans?). I know there are other ways to do this (DataFerrett and ACS FactFinder), but other methods involve a lot more iterative downloading/room for human error. How do I generate counts by the PUMA level? I can give more info (about what statistical package I am using/code I am running) if needed.

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Did you download the PUMA variable so you have that in each row? If not, go back and revise so that you have the PUMA variable, then you can do a pivot table in Excel or other program to create summed totals of each variable that you want.


Apr 06, 2017 - 04:14 PM

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