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How to calculate employment-population ratios?

I am attempting to calculate the employment-population ratio for the 65-69 age group using CPS micro data (similar to the BLS ratios published here, which are for the 65 and over group: However, using the EMPSTAT variable and WTFINL (for monthly data) or WTSUPP (for ASEC data) result in slightly different numbers for the 65+ group than those published on the BLS website. Is it possible to replicate those figures using the CPS micro data?

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I am also unable to exactly match the published BLS employment-population ratio. Unfortunately, it is expected that the CPS microdata will differ slightly from the published BLS figures. Specifically, the BLS applies the Census Bureau's Population Control Adjustments to the published figures. These adjustments can increase or decrease the total population level as well as alter the employment-population ratio.

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Oct 02, 2015 - 11:31 AM

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