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I want to analyze the data about marriage and cohibitation,but I can't find the data.Where are they?

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The ACS contains several marriage variables that are available through IPUMS-USA as person level demographic variables. You can browse these variables and learn more about them by navigating to the Select Data screen and choosing "Demographic" from the "Person" dropdown.

At this time IPUMS-USA does not have family pointers available that account for cohabiting couples. However, it is possible to identify these relationships yourself by utilizing the detailed version of the RELATE variable, which is called RELATED. You can see the labels for RELATED by clicking the "Detailed codes" button on the RELATE Codes page. A value of 1114 is the unmarried partner of the head of household, and a value of 0101 is the head of household. Please note that a confident cohabiting relationship can only be identified with a head of household. For more information about using IPUMS data, see our FAQ.

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