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I am trying to include industry as a filter, what is the correct way to include it? ind(18-50) comes back error

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It looks like you are using the online tool (SDA) to analyze data. If you are not, would you mind sharing which statistical tool you are using (i.e. Stata, SAS, SPSS)?

Assuming you are using SDA, there are two possible reasons you are getting an error: (1) for the year you are analyzing, IND is not available. Instead, you can look for IND1950 or IND1990. Or, (2) you have a mis-match in your codes for the industry codes available in the sample you are analyzing. For example, in 2016, for the IPUMS USA code for "18", perhaps you actually mean "0180", while in the 2000 sample, your filter, ind(18-50), will work. You can find code listings for IPUMS USA here and IPUMS CPS here.


Feb 14, 2018 - 01:19 PM

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