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I thought that there used to be a INCTANF variable in the CPS. Is it no longer there?

Last year I thought that there was a variable called INCTANF in the CPS. I did find a variable SRCWELFR, but that only says if a person received it, not the value of the benefit.

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An INCTANF variable has never been available through IPUMS-CPS. The closest you can come to such a variable would be to combine the information from SRCWELFR with INCWELFR. INCWELFR reports the respondent's total welfare income amount. SRCWELFR indicates whether a person received that welfare income from "AFDC/TANF," "Other," or "Both AFDC/TANF and other." Unfortunately, there is no single measure for TANF income.

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Nov 14, 2014 - 12:54 PM

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