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In SAS, "Library IPUMS does not exist"


I've tried running IPUMS CPS in SAS and it does not work, even when following the Youtube tutorial. I'm probably making a simple error that I'm not catching at the moment, but please bear with me.

In the instructions, it says to edit the following lines to present the path directory along with the full path

libname IPUMS ".";
filename ASCIIDAT "cps_00001.dat";

When I do, it looks as such:

libname IPUMS "F:\";
filename ASCIIDAT "F:\cps_00001.dat";

However, when I press Run, the following occurs and my data will not be read:

libname IPUMS "F:\";

NOTE: Library IPUMS does not exist.

filename ASCIIDAT "F:\cps_00001.dat";

proc format cntlout = IPUMS.cps_00001_f;

ERROR: Library IPUMS does not exist

Again, there is probably a simple newbie error I am making in the process, but I would appreciate it if someone would help me out just the same.

Thank you.

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