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Is the IHIS variable EMOPROBWK available in the on-line analysis system? Or only off-line?

This variable is from the 2010 NHIS (NHIS variable name is BEP7D). I can find EMOPROBWK in the IHIS codebook but not as a variable in the on-line analysis system.

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EMOPROBWK is indeed available in the online analysis system. At this time, the 2010 dataset erroneously categorizes the Emotional Help variables under the Child Strengths and Difficulties drop-down menu. The IHIS team is currently working to rectify this issue.

When analyzing data online, if you ever have problems locating variables in the drop-down menus, you can identify them on the IHIS website and then type them directly into the row, column, control, or selection filter spaces.

I hope this helps.


Sep 21, 2015 - 01:24 PM

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