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Is there only an interval measure of weeks worked last year in 2008-2011 ACS? No exact values?

I am using 2008-2011 ACS data. It seems that there is only an interval measure of weeks worked last year in 2008-2011 ACS (wrkswork2). No exact values (e.g., wrkswork1)? If this is the case, does this indicate that I have no way to calculate hourly wage from 2008-2011 ACS data?

Look forward to any insight. Thanks!

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The information required to construct WKSWORK1 was not released for ACS samples following the 2007 ACS. In the years following 2007, WKSWORK2 provides the greatest amount of detail for proportion of previous 12 months worked.


Oct 16, 2013 - 11:23 AM

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