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Is the proverty threshold inclusive or exclusive

I hope this is the correct way to respond to your answer. I wasn't asking about the RACESING variable. If I'm trying to select all cases for people in poverty, do I select cases where the POVERTY variable is < 100 or <= 100. Is a person at 100 percent of the poverty threshold in poverty? Or are people in poverty those below 100 percent of poverty.

I'm sorry if my question wasn't clear the first time.


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Jeff Bloem


Sorry about this, I got my wires crossed yesterday.

In most cases POVERTY is defined < 100. That is, the threshold is exclusive. Intuitively living in poverty is defined as living below the poverty line and not living in poverty is everything else.


Oct 19, 2018 - 09:25 AM

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Is the poverty threshold inclusive or exclusive?
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