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Linkage between original occupation title and HISCO/NAPP codes?


I'm wondering if there is a mapping available between the original Norwegian occupation titles in the Norweian 1910 census and the (modified) HISCO codes which is used in the NAPP database? Something like the OCCSTRING variable for the 1801 census maybe?

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Håvard Lundberg

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I am not aware of a mapping between the original Norwegian occupation titles in the Norwegian 1910 census and the (modified) HISCO codes. You can create a mapping between the modified HISCO and original HISCO codes using the variable OCCHISCO (modified HISCO) and the unharmonized variable NO10A413 (the original HISCO coding).

To get the original String version of the Occupations, you may try contacting The Norwegian Historical Data Center who originally provided the data to NAPP.

I hope this helps.


Apr 01, 2014 - 02:35 PM

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