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No "CPSIDP" information for August and December 2014?

I am working with CPS2014, and I noticed that individuals in August and December 2014 cannot be linked to other months. In those months CPSID and CPSIDP are equal to zero for all individuals. Actually, when I tried infer the CPSIDP variable from other months by using variables: pernum lineno serial hrhhid hrhhid2 statefip sex age, I could not match any record. Is this a mistake that you will fix in future releases or something happened with the survey in those month?

Thank you!

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The zero values for CPSID/CPSIDP in August and December 2014 are a known error in the IPUMS-CPS data. We plan to release corrected data within the next month.

Hope this helps.


Feb 19, 2016 - 02:55 PM

Report it


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