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November CPS interview type missing?

I'm looking for a variable in the November CPS that indicates interview type (telephone or face-to-face). After a multitude on searches on IPUMS, I could not find such a variable. In official CPS documentation from the Census (here:, there is a variable called "HUINTTYP" that looks promising. While extracts available on the NBER contain this variable, nothing I can find on IPUMS resembles HUINTTYP. Does IPUMS maintain information on similar interview characteristics?

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Jeff Bloem


Unfortunately, this variable is not currently available via IPUMS CPS. The IPUMS CPS team does have plans on making all CPS variables available via IPUMS, but this goal is not yet completed. I'll send a note to the IPUMS CPS team in the meantime to see if they can make this variable available sooner than later.


Oct 04, 2018 - 10:02 AM

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