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Number of PUMAs in ACS 2014 is greater than the number of PUMAs in the shapefiles, how can I create a map by PUMA?

I am working with the ACS 2014 5 yr sample (where all the respondents were interviewed in 2014). I need to create a map of demographics divided by PUMAs. In the survey I have a total of 3344 PUMAs (that is the number i got after I do the collapse in Stata by statefip and puma). I am using the shapefile provided in this website: using the file 2010PUMAs, but this data has only 2351 PUMA. How can I reconcile both numbers? Is there a shepefile that contains the 3344 PUMAs reported in the sample I am using?


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If you mean the 2010-2014 5yr ACS, then it has a mix of PUMA 2000 and PUMA 2010. As the page you linked mentions, the 2000 vintage PUMAs were used through 2011, while the 2010 PUMAs have been used from 2012 till now (2017). We should expect the PUMAs to be redefined again following the 2020 decennial census.


Mar 10, 2017 - 04:45 PM

Report it


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