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Old Age and Survivors Insurance

Is it possible to isolate whether individuals received Social Security benefits under the Old Age and Survivors Insurance plan? It seems like the INCSS variable in the ASEC data captures Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance benefits. Thanks in advance!

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It is not possible to isolate OASI payments with INCSS, as it includes all payments received from Social Security and does not distinguish whether those payments were from Old-Age and Survivors Insurance or from Disability Insurance. Three other variables, INCRETIR (retirement income), INCSURV (survivors' payments), and INCDISAB (disability income) look at the three categories separately, but all specifically exclude any payments from Social Security.

The CPS did ask about the reason as to why a respondent was receiving Social Security, and these variables are available through IPUMS-CPS as WHYSS1 and WHYSS2. You may find these to be helpful indicators for which types of Social Security benefits a respondent received.

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