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Restricting TUS analysis to self-respondents -- delete observations or use subpop?

I am conducting an analysis using CPS-TUS data from 2006-2014/2015, and I would like to restrict the analysis to self-respondents. Is it preferable for me to delete non-self-respondents from my sample or to exclude them using the svy subpop option, considering that I'm using the TSRWT variable to account for weighting?

Relatedly, there is a small portion of respondents who appear to be self-respondents based on the TRESP variable, but who have a self-response weight (TSRWT) of zero. Should I assume these individuals are in fact self-respondents?

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Jeff Bloem


If you are aiming to calculate representative statistics with your analysis, then I'd suggest using the svy subpop option using the TSRWT variable. This will help ensure that any non-random non-response of self-respondent survey answers do not bias your calculations. On the related note, it seems that the TSRWT variable sets a small number of self-respondent survey respondents to zero. I checked to see if this was caused by the universe definition for these questions, but even after cleaning the data by the appropriate AGE and MISH restrictions cases with TRESP==1 and TSRWT==0 still persist. Therefore, it seems like these cases are given a weight of zero to adjust for the response rates of these self-respondent survey questions.


Aug 16, 2018 - 11:07 AM

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