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Same Serial and Pernum as Lag Observation

I downloaded al lthe avaialbe variables in "Personal" for the most recent 5 year sample and then also went to "Household" and downloaded all the variables under "Technical". In my dataset, I have found 24264 times where the serial and pernum variable for an observation is identical to it's lag. Can you help me in finding out why this is so? I am trying to find each unique person in the dataset.

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I downloaded your most recent extract and when I inspected the data I found that the combination of SERIAL and PERNUM uniquely identified every individual in the sample. Perhaps your data file was not completely extracted. I would recommend downloading the data file again in a separate folder from your initial download and attempt to decompress the file using a program like 7-zip.

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Sep 02, 2016 - 02:36 PM

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