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The IHIS on-line tabulation routine seems to create shared variables among the users at a site. Is this the case?

When using the on-line tabulation system with the IHIS in a lab setting, the variables created by all the users in that setting seem to be shared--in a common list of created variables. How is the common list determined? By the users on our particular university site? How long are the variables kept?

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Created variables are shared by all users of the IHIS online data analysis tool. They are retained until the underlying dataset is updated (which generally happens at least once a year). We do not recommend user's expect their created variables to be accessible for any future visits as any user can choose to overwrite an existing created variable with a new created variable of the same name. This also means that in your lab setting, if all users are creating the same variable, they will each need to create a unique variable name so as to avoid overwriting each other's variables.

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Feb 23, 2015 - 04:17 PM

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