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Variable for Living Situation (e.g. living with parent, living with grandparent, or not...)

I am trying to look at living situation for young adults 20-25 and control for whether or not they live with their parents. I know there is a variable for lives with mother and lives with father, but is there another more general variable for living situation? Thanks!

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Unfortunately, there is not a variable available that describes living situation in such a manner. You would need to use the RELATE values within a household to identify interrelationships, based on relationship to the head of household. You can read more about how IPUMS created the family interrelationship variables here.

Note that the IPUMS-USA dataset has a MULTGEN variable that identifies the number of distinct generations contained in a household.

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Apr 06, 2015 - 11:19 AM

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children living with biological parents
children living with parent, with different surname
Total number of persons living in the household
Single Fathers living with children under 18
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