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What Latin American countries do have information on adult mortality?

We are trying to produce indirect estimates on adult mortality for Latin America countries using census data. To apply methods like orphanhood, sisterhood, parenthood, etc., we need information on sex and age at death. We looked at a couple of IPUMS files which include just two variables: "Number of deaths in household last year" and "Any deaths in household last year", we wonder if there exist additional information on adult mortality, like sex and age of the deceased person that was not included in the IPUMS files.

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Bolivia (1992 and 2001), Haiti (2003), and Panama (2000) are the only Latin American countries in the IPUMS microdata with age and sex mortality information for adult members of a household. You can find these variables listed amongst the "Household – Other" variables as "unharmonized variables". You can also find supplemental mortality files for Brazil (2010) and El Salvador (1992 and 2007) here.

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