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When I take several Nov Supplements, the weighted number of voters equals published results, but not for 2000.

When I take several CPS Nov Supplements, the weighted number of voters and adult citizens I get equals the published results, but not for 2000. Are the weights ("final basic weight") for that year possibly wrong in IPUMS?

Thank you.

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One possible reason why you may be seeing this result is that while the Census data are being processed, the CPS files are made available using the weighting scheme from the US Census prior to the latest Census. In the case of 2000, estimates would have been released using 1990 population controls. Once the 2000 population controls were made available, IPUMS-CPS replaced the weights that are based on the 1990 population control with weights that are based on the 2000 population controls. IPUMS-CPS makes available only the most up-to-date weights, while published estimates from the lag years that use the old weights are not always updated.

If you are able to provide a link or the source of the published results you are comparing IPUMS CPS data to, we can analyze the discrepancy in more detail.


Feb 21, 2018 - 03:53 PM

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