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Where can i find text of the questions regarding paid sick leave

An IPEW study claims that they used 2012-2014 IPUMS ACS to determine that 46% of employeees over the age of 18 in Duluth MN did not have access to paid sick leave. I would like to know how that was extrapolated, and how the question was posed to survey respondents.

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I think neither ACS nor CPS ask anything like that. The closest CPS gets is probably

If you provided a better reference for that claim (which is what programmers call "a reproducible example"), we might have been able to assist you a bit better.

Nationwide surveys that are focused on paid leave specifically include:

FMLA survey by Department of Labor: -- done every few years, last one was 2012, the next one will be conducted in 2017-2018 (and I am the sampling statistician working on it).

Pew Research Center -- a one-off survey, apparently:


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