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Why EMPSAME is NIU in the monthly CPS MARCH-1994?

Why EMPSAME is NIU in the monthly CPS MARCH-1994?

Also, there are many observations NIU in other years/months, while they clearly should be in the universe of the variable (I am considering empstat to measure employment):

[All]: Employed persons not in month-in-sample 1 or 5, and were employed last month.

This pattern is increasing over time. Does anyone know why?

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Congratulations! You have found a data error in IPUMS CPS! The IPUMS CPS team has identified the source of this error and is now working on a fix which should go out with the next data release (expected this summer). In the meantime, as is standard IPUMS policy, since you have identified a significant data error you are now entitled to a shiny new mug! Please email with a shipping address so we can mail you your coveted prize!

Thank you for helping us maintain these important data resources.


Jun 07, 2017 - 02:54 PM

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