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Will the CPS occupational certification and license data be made available?

In 2015, questions on occupational certificates and licenses were added to certain interviews. I don't see these in the available IPUMS-CPS samples, though of course there are tons of variables so I'm not completely certain I didn't miss something.

Is there a timeline for adding these variables to the samples from 2015 on?

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The IPUMS-CPS team is not currently planning on releasing these variable for 2015 onward, though I will inform them of your interest. The linking variables provided in the licenses and credentials file are not available via IPUMS-CPS, so if you wish to link the two, you can do so by linking IPUMS-CPS data to the basic monthly files on DataWeb and then linking that to the licenses and credentials file using QSTNUM, PULINENO, and MONTH.

Hope this helps.


Jul 19, 2016 - 12:29 PM

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