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acs stata fixed effects help

This is the first time I'm using both acs data and survey data in stata.

I've specified the data using the following command:

svyset cluster [pweight=hhwt], strata(strata)

Am I able to use fixed effects with survey data or is this not necessary? If so, what would be the appropriate command? I'm currently running regressions with svy: reg....

Help would be greatly appreciated

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Jeff Bloem


While it is certainly possible to use fixed effects with survey data, it is difficult to provide any specific advise here. Much of this decision relies on a number of different factors such as what kind of question you are asking and what sort of model you are using to answer this question. Here are a couple nice tutorials for using fixed effects in STATA, and here is a STATA list thread about using fixed effects with the svy: command.

I hope this helps.


Aug 07, 2017 - 10:50 AM

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