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cannot extract .dta.gz file

I cannot seem to extract a .dta.gz file and import it into R. The zipped file is about 100MB. Whether I unzip it using WinGZip and then import the actual .dta file into R, or try to unzip the whole file in R, I always end up getting an error that says ''not a Stata version 5-12 .dta file''.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to extract this file so that R will be able to read it?


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The .dta files created by our extract system are formatted for Stata version 13. It appears the method you are using to import into R requires a .dta file intended for an older version of Stata. You might try the readstata13 package for R.

Hope this helps.


Mar 24, 2016 - 12:58 PM

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