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documentation linking CPS variable names and IPUMS-CPS variable names

Is there any documentation that shows how original CPS variable names map to IPUMS-CPS variable names (e.g. PEMLR in original corresponds to EMPSTAT in IPUMS-CPS)? I have code using original CPS variable names and would like to translate it as easily as possible to use with an IPUMS CPS extract. Thank you.

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Jeff Bloem


Unfortunately, we don't currently have a ready-made concordance relating IPUMS CPS variables names to original CPS variable names. The IPUMS CPS Team is actually working on creating such a concordance, but I'm not sure when it will become available. At this point the best way to do this is to look into the variable descriptions on the IPUMS CPS online data extract system. Although this could be a bit tedious, it might be a good idea regardless as many IPUMS CPS variables have been edited (either in coding scheme or universe) to be integrated and harmonized with other samples over time.


Aug 11, 2017 - 11:05 AM

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