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does "none" code for inctot affect hhincome value?

I want to examine the distribut

ion of household incomes from the American Community Survey 2010 sample.

In the IPUMS USA description of the variable HHINCOME, a single code is noted:
9999999 = N/A.

However, in the IPUMS USA description of the variable INCTOT, several codes are noted:
-009995 = -$9,900 (1980)
-000001 = Net loss (1950)
0000000 = None
0000001 = $1 or break even (2000, 2005-onward ACS and PRCS)
9999999 = N/A

Does the code "0000000 = None" for INCTOT affect the data in HHINCOME? Should I account for this in some way? I imagine that it would be possible for HHINCOME to take a value of 0 when the actual incomes of the household members are added together, for example:

2 person household, individual-1 has INCTOT = $5000, individual-2 has INCTOT = -$5000, therefore HHINCOME = $5000 + (-)$5000 = $0.

Does this mean that the value 0 in HHINCOME does not represent "None" as it does for INCTOT?

Or, is there any further information you can give me about how the "None" code from INCTOT may affect the HHINCOME data?

Finally, could you please tell me what "None" means in the INCTOT data? Does "None" mean that no INCTOT value is recorded for that individual?

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Jeff Bloem


The HHINCOME variable should be thought of simply as the sum of each individual's value for INCTOT within each household. Therefore, if the code "0000000 = None" is given for INCTOT then that value will be added with the other individuals within the household to equal the HHINCOME value. So, your example of a 2 person household is correct, however, the value 0 in HHINCOME does represent "none" - as in "this household has reported no income". This interpretation of "none" is the same as it should be interpreted in the INCTOT variable. Where "none" represents an individual who has reported no income".

I hope this helps.


Jan 25, 2017 - 08:46 AM

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