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how to create activity-level variables in ATUS?

I've been trying to use the extract system and the activity-level data to create activity-level variables, the same way that i use the person-level data to create variables, but it doesnt seem to work the way I think it should.

is there a way to do this in the extract system, or does it all need to be done in SAS?

(like, can i do something like this with the extract: if activity code=10000-19999 then DUMMYACTVAR=1)?

thanks for any help, guys!!!

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Jeff Bloem


I'm not exactly sure if this will provide what you are looking for, but you can create your own Time Use Variable (or select one that already exists in one of the standard sets) that represents the group of activities you are interested in and then recode to a dummy variable in SAS or another statistical software.


Sep 13, 2018 - 09:41 AM

Report it


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