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metarea acs and metare in cps

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I would like ask the differnce between the code for metarea in the acs data and in the cps. I can see that defintion for acs has changed in the 2012 but is it the same for cps? is it possible to use or find the same code for both datasets?

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You are correct that IPUMS-USA began using a new metro area definition (2013 OMB MSA standards) beginning with the 2012 sample and the introduction of PUMAs based on the 2010 Census. IPUMS-CPS, however, switched to the 2013 MSA codes beginning with its May 2014 sample.

Keep in mind that metro areas have not been directly identified by the Census Bureau in the IPUMS-USA microdata since the 1980 5% sample. Instead, IPUMS constructs metro areas using the smallest available geography, such as PUMA in the ACS data. This leads to some metro areas being incompletely identified in the microdata (see here for a list). In contrast, the Census Bureau does directly report the respondent's metro area in the CPS microdata, avoiding the IPUMS-USA issue of incomplete identification. Due to the smaller sample size of the CPS relative to the Census/ACS, estimates for metro areas with populations under 500,000 calculated from the IPUMS-CPS data should be used with caution because of the relatively large sampling variability associated with these estimates.

For the reasons mentioned above, METAREA/MET2013 are not completely comparable between IPUMS-USA and IPUMS-CPS. Since the degree to which a metro area differs between data sources varies depending on the metro area of interest, I recommend consulting the list of incompletely identified METAREAs (provided above) and the MET2013 match error tables. Ultimately, it is left to the individual researcher to determine whether comparing metro areas between the IPUMS-USA and IPUMS-CPS data sources is appropriate.

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Is there a mapping between the METAREA codes and the GEOID provided by the AC...
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